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Welcome to the European History e-Learning Project (e-Help) website.

e-Help is a European Union funded project designed to promote the use of ICT in the history classroom. In addition, e-Help promotes ICT strategies for history being taught in a additional language context.

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-Help constitutes the work of 10 educational institutions: schools, universities, a professional association and an educational publisher, from six European countries.

Established in 2004, e-Help hosted seven conference meetings until September 2008, the end of the Comenius funding period. The videos and interactive seminars from those meetings are hosted here. e-Help also inspired a number of websites or 'microsites', pedagogic materials designed to case study good practice in history teaching and ICT.

In 2010 there will also be an e-Help book written by some of the members of the project and e-Help 'associates' many of whom have an international reputation in the field of history and ICT.

But the primary goal of e-Help is to produce a residential course for European educators. This will provide intensive hands-on training on the skills and applications modelled by this e-Help website.




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