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The e-Help Training Course - Module 10

Module Leader – Richard Jones-Nerzic

Module Title – ‘How you can use digital video cameras in the history classroom’

e-Help Theme – Video

Module Objectives - By the end of the module, delegates will have become familiar with the revolutionary potential of digital video cameras in the history classroom. We begin by examining the practical issues of resourcing dv cameras and then delegates will have the opportunity to become familiar with the practical stages in film production. The module will feature practical innovative examples of dv use in European history classrooms

E-Help micro-site resource (s)

Versailles 1919 role-play activity - http://www.internationalschooltoulouse.net/projects/versailles/index.htm

19th Century Child Labour - http://www.uea.ac.uk/~m242/historypgce/drama/childlabour.htm

Bratislava History Project - http://www.internationalschoolhistory.net/BHP/index.htm

Delegate Notes Tutor Notes

ICT Focus

History – EAL Focus

Other e.g. Transversal focus

Digital video cameras



Communicating about the past – Oral History and role-play.

Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity


Multiple intelligences.

Promote ICT in education and e-Learning

Prepare for the enlargement of the EU (Bratislava History Project)

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