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One of the central goals of the e-Help project is provide educators with practical examples of how websites might be used to enhance the teaching and learning of history, whether in a first or additional language context. The term 'microsite' is used to designate web pages developed by e-Help members to help model and exemplify themes addressed in their seminars or training modules. A second characteristic of microsites is that they are hosted independently of e-Help on member's own teaching websites.

The Education Forum - The original 'microsite'

At the beginning of e-Help consideration was given to the appropriate historical content of the microsites. In developing resources we were particularly aware of the need to meet what the EU education agency Socrates describes as 'Transversal Policies'. These are particular European goals that seek to address issues such as: the fostering of a European identity (especially in 2004 with the enlargement of the Union), to counter racism and xenophobia, to promote equal opportunities for man and women and to encourage language learning and diversity. The most relevant Transversal Policy in establishing e-Help in 2004 was to promote ICT in education and e-learning. We hope that the following go some way to addressing these issues.
The Student Education Forum Bratislava History Project e-Help and EAL (Spanish)  Medieval pilgrimage project
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