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John Simkin - A history of spartacus Bamber Gascoigne -
The internet and history
Richard Jones-Nerzic - When
are computers actually going
to teach history?
Dan Lyndon - ‘Information is
not learning’
- Using the Internet
as an effective teaching tool
Anders Macgregor - Students in the archive with a computer...
Dave Martin - How ICT supports the development of students’ historical communication skills? Isabelle Voegeli -
The use of ENA in a classroom: a case study
John Simkin - Can ICT turn students into historians? Caterina Gasparini - The new paradigm: learning by sharing connected knowledge Nico Zijlstra - Maintaining
your own History website. Is it worthwhile?
Doug Belshaw - The uses of ICT for collaborative teaching and learning. Dalibor Svoboda - My work at the Knowledge and Competent Foundation. Janos Blasszauer – ICT in ESL education Terry Haydn - Using ICT in school history to develop pupils’ information and political literacy Jose Luis de la Torre - EducaHistoria.com, an educative tool for teaching History 
Alf Wilkinson - Using the web effectively for research. Andy Walker - Using ICT to
break down barriers to learning
Juan Carlos Ocaña - Looking to the Future Russel Tarr - Interactive decision making games on the web Jean Philippe Raud Dugal - A model “Section Européenne”
lesson and issues
Javier Mendez - Second Language Acquisition in teaching history Vincente Lopez-Brea Fernandez - ICT and language learning Donald Cumming and Sarah Jaggs - SMART learning & ICT for the History classroom Peter Tollmar – Digital Storytelling Albert van der Kaap – Web quests and more
Ed Waller – Can you get the best out of a VLE Ed Podesta - Web 2.0 - Collaborative Teaching and Learning Richard Allaway and Russel Tarr – Google Earth: History possibilities. Franck le Cars - Teaching history and second language acquisition. Lance Price - Instant or more-or-less instant history
Simon Ross - Beyond the History Classroom Johannes Ahrenfelt - Using Adobe Flash in the classroom: is it just ‘flash’ or can it be useful? Roy Huggins - How to develop interactive teaching styles using an Interactive Whiteboard Neal Watkin - Using ICT to strengthen independent learning' Andy Schofield - World class schools for the 21st Century
Ben Walsh - Mastering the moving image: working with digital video in the history classroom. Chris Higgins - How to design, create and maintain a departmental website Greg Fitzpatrick – ICT and teaching developments Ben Walsh - Beyond multiple choice: voting technology in the history classroom David Richardson – ICT based distance learning in Sweden.




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