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e-help Seminar 18
A model “Section Européenne” lesson and issues related to teaching the “DNL”
Toulouse 10-11 June 2005


Teaching History (and geography) in english is a big challenge in France. Students are not used to talk in english and also not used to think by themselves. The system is sometimes narrow minded.

I tried during the last six years to develop their ability to communicate in english through these two subjects: role plays of course


Look at these two activities


Inspired by Richard's work on films this activity was a great challenge.

The most important thing is to make (sometimes not everytime) the students being the teacher (see John's presentation on that)

Another thing, I have been inspected in european section one month ago what is quite rare in France. I would like to present this lesson to you during our meeting and explain the specificity of teaching these subjects in France.

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